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283,282 Donors Nationwide.
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The Lautman Maska Neill & Company Meals on Wheels Fundraising Co-op offers integrated campaigns designed to:

• Acquire More Donors

• Renew More Donors

• Raise More Money

So you can feed more seniors!

You can raise more money and acquire new donors by joining our Meals on Wheels Fundraising Co-op.

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While there are a lot of unknowns this fall — such as the impact of COVID and the fluctuating economy — fundraising during an election year is something we do know about. We’ve been dealing with this every four years for decades, and plan our fall campaigns with the election in mind.

Check out our latest blog to learn what you can do to ensure your Fall fundraising is successful.




We attend several conferences a year as an opportunity to connect with our current partners and meet new friends.



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